Saturday, July 01, 2006

germany 5:3 argentina

England beat Argentina 3-2 in a friendly last year with two late goals from Michael Owen after Pekerman had substituted Ayala, Riquelme and Crespo, the team's backbone, and said afterwards that it was a lesson for the World Cup.
On Friday at the Olimpiastadion, that lesson did not appear to have been fully digested

His reason for taking out Riquelme was because he was tired? Everyone was tired! God, Ballack was practically in a wheel chair. Cambiasso played good really and could have been a good move as he is good defensive midfield player but his substitution failed caused it signalled to Klinsi that Pekerman wanted to defend the lead.

Somehow, i felt pity for the Argentines. the score was 1-0 to them. they started to play defensively, putting great great pressure on themselves to keep out germany but the argentine defence was not really not up to standard. Jose Pekerman was really dumb to take off crespo and riquelme however the turning point was when Abbondanzieri was subbed out after getting knee-ed by Klose. hence, the one sub which could have brought messi for crespo( who probably would have fed and link play with Rodríguez and tevez to score) on to save argentina was wasted.
I ROARED WHEN KLOSE SCORED. GOAAAAALLLL!!!!! :) :) . I was in emotions after long time...

During penalties:
GERMANY: Neuville scores! He just wellied it, didn't he?
ARGENTINA: Cruz is getting a hell of a lot of whistles. Shit, scary atmosphere. AND SCORES! How cool was that?
GERMANY: Ballack, holy fuck, he's got a real pair. AND SCORES. Wow...........
ARGENTINA: OH AYALA! Bad bad penalty. It's still 2:1 to Germany.
GERMANY: Podolski. I fancy you, despite your bad hair. SCORES! Damn good penalty.
ARGENTINA: Maxi... scores. Just. Too strong to save but the keeper got near it. My dad's shouting that the German keeper keeps bouncing off the line but he doesn't. Dad, shush, you just want Germany to lose. Him: "I'm impartial. I don't care who beats Germany."
GERMANY: Borowski... also scores. , Argentina need to score this next one or they're out, it's over.
ARGENTINA: Cambiasso... SAVED ...YES, GERMANY WIN! Germany. Beat. Argentina.

well many r not aware its time for brazil to take revenge of 1998 WC final.... i seriously want brazil to win so that germany can prove themselves again on july9

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