Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lets bring sanity in Indian football

I have few ideas for Indian Football .. I dunno where this voice will reach but a try nevertheless
(Hey btw you have phone no of Praful Patel ? :P )

Also look at my older post on Indian Football

10 boosters for Indian Football

1. All teams and clubs should be named aligned to some city or region . PSU /Private owner companies should be better off as main front logo sponsor of team . Names like Dempo , SBT, Chirag , ONGC , Mahindra , Air India do no good for fan base .. Names should be city based or region of particular city to associate fans to their clubs . Pangim FC , Trivadrum FC , Colaba FC will make people more associated with them in loyality . If needed clubs could be made franchise of I Leagues

2. We need better broadcaster than Zee Sports for I League . Ten Sports is still better but it shows only handful of matches

3. Timing of start of I League matches should be more apt. A 4 pm start do no good for fans . Matches played at 7:30 pm under flood lights will be better in enticing people to ground. After a day at office away from heat , a I league match can be stress bruster .

4. I League 2nd division should be played on home and away basis just like I league div 1 for at least 7-8 months a year with 4 teams to and fro to league 1 . Initially teams could be locked in I league div 1 and 2 for 2-3 years to help them build the fan and player base .

5. I League div 1 should be played without any gaps in between them and tournaments like Fed Cup should be played simultaneously . Other small tounament should be done away with or may be season opener

6. I League teams should be not allowed to play in State Leagues . State and National League should be separate . If needed teams like Mohun Bagan should play their team B in state league with those players separate from main team for that particular year

7. Winners of state league should be entry ticket for I league div 2 .No of teams from particular state entering I league div2 should be decided by quality and standard of football in that particular state . Like 4 teams for West Bengal and 2 teams from Karnataka- in div 2 and so on...

8.We need new franchise clubs from Ahmedabad , Delhi , Bangalore, Hyderabad , Chennai , Gangtok , Jaipur ,Surat , Srinagar , Jammu , Jamshepur , Bhubneshvar , Gurgaon,.... with coming years to get pan India look

9. T may sound a little optimist and futuristic but tournament like Durand cup (2nd oldest cup in world history) could be re-remoulded into IPL like tournament of 4-5 weeks in month of January or November with top best 6 clubs of country invited to play in it attracting best footballers of world with high pay for 1 month with high media coverage and advertisement .

10. And finally we need a Lalit Modi for AIFF management . AIFF needs new and out of box thinking.

P.S. Not very happy with results of auction of new franchisee of IPL as Pune and Kochi . I think IPL missed chance to indulge huge fan base of Gujarat and Central India without franchisee of Ahmedabad and Lucknow/Kanpur . But again any auction after 4-5 years will have lot of oppurtunity with bigger bucks


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