Thursday, August 15, 2013

Idiots at Birth

Its independence Day ritual in subcontinent and both India and Pakistan celebrated their 66th Independence day by passing resolutions (1 & 2) against each other.  No better example to prove that both nations even after separation of sixty six years posses same idiotic DNA. After quite 2012, 2013 witnessed many cross firing instances at Line of Control resulting in casualties on both the sides. Through the exact reasoning for such intermittent "unprovoked" clashes between two mighty and expensive armies will need some new branch of philosophy to be invented, the resultant has been algorithmic accusations and counter accusations of LOC ceasefire violations from both the sides.
Such atmosphere of animosity gives an otherwise mundane independence day some relevance to both the sides. England is old lost history and apart from few cricket matches, there is no other competition left between UK and subcontinent nations. All meaning of nationalism and patriotism today is best defined by how hard you detest your neighbor. Lets accept that, to hate and to blame is sexier than to love and to accommodate. We all intrinsically love to hate and wish to kill. Best examples are plethora of best selling video games where you kill and destroy all along the way to clear different levels and stages.
Whenever the armies on both sides execute these lest we forget reminders for their masses, its the media on both sides who act as flag bearer of nationalism ranting out loud about failed aman ki asha. Yes it will fail more often than not because its a walk on tight rope. Our war mongering news anchors with no or distorted knowledge of history (or present or future) along mass of this country who desire for billions of Bhagat Singh or Subash Chandra Bose to born again for India (except for one in their own families) just find it more in fashion to detest the neighbor.
Most of the Indians have either already assumed India to be world's greatest superpower (capable to defeating even china or aliens if they come) or they are ignorant of perils of two heavily and equally nuclear armed nations living in continuous stand off. You can choose your friends or enemies but not your neighbor. Fact remains that peace and talks will ever be only solution, no matter how many bullets cross any side of the border. You just don't have any other solution. 
The US pull out (with no apparent victory in Afghanistan) in 2014 is deva vu of 1989 erstwhile USSR pull out of Afghanistan (with its implications on Kashmir). With world fast into globalization and unions, no one can afford another lost decade like we both had in 1990s. Now lets accept that game spoilers to peace will continue to exert their influence, and best way to go ahead is to establish a talk process between two countries which could not be held ransom to any misadventure happening. We have to grow up and find solutions to peace anyhow.
We both have lost 66 years to idiocy .. Lets learn from History..

*Pic taken from Aman ki Asha blog

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