Friday, July 25, 2008

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I am terrified to see news these days. Quality of Indian News channels (with special reference to Hindi News channels) have indeed deteriorated and hit rock-bottom..
Even the way in which confidence motion was given coverage few days back (by even some of the English News channels i admire)was deplorable (espl the way conclusions were drawn of BJP bribe gimmick in parliament with stupid questionare by journalist to MP's and leaders ).A great Melodrama.........
But this post is dedicated to some of most stupid news to which anyone will hardly give a damn.After all India boosts of highest number of news channels in world.So such things are obvious in midst of poor journalism standards here.
Nascent media ..Did anyone gave justification ?

Now its most famous one here

List under construction......


Anonymous said...

Do you realize who the target audience for Star News/Aaj Tak/India TV is? Its your average, uneducated North Indian who's completely ignorant (by choice) about the idea of contraception!
There's a difference between recreation and reproduction you mindless twats! We don't want your sorry ass in Mumbai or Banglore. Why do you think the locals hate you guys so much? Because you are a fucking minority and you are trying to change that.

We are not talking North Indians in general, I know what I am against. Its you low lifes from the you-know-which states. You aren't from Delhi so stop associating yourself with it. And if by a freak chance you distant uncle's second cousin's house now happens to be in NCR, then stop calling yourself a Delhi-ite. I am pretty sure a guy from Delhi will be looking down upon you too. You are just a scum of the society.

You are ignorant to the point of being obnoxious. Just as you like to refer to all South Indians as "Madrasis" we want to call you "Bhaiyyas" How does that feel?

Do not victimize Raj Thackeray, he's just doing his tiny bit of triggering a social awakening. I won't glamorize it by calling it anything else. There's always going to be someone else after him. Amitabh Bachhan needs to realize it. All those dumb byproducts of mindless shagging need to realize it, who pour out onto CST daily from the "stinking gorakhpur junta" with a hope of making it big, so that they can send money back to their god forsaken state. Amitabh Bachhan is no different. He definitely needs to get his priorities in order.

You talk about Bombay having a rich culture in the past. Again, that's exactly the point, you morons came and ruined everything and its too late to fight back now. Its like parasites attacking a host taking everything from it so that it lies in a helpless mess and then the parasites move on to the next host. Can't you feel the hatred building in other cities as well? Why do you think the cops always catch you for drunk driving while they let the local pass unscathed. Wake up!

P.S. I am not even supporting MNS or Raj Thackeray, I am just standing for my opinion, respecting the freedom of speech..

Arpan Uber Chaudhry said...

Your comments speaks about you.. You are anonymous too :D

Arpan Uber Chaudhry said...

Suddenly I think , Media in India is more responsible than in West

Tiger Woods 'horrible in bed', claims cocktail waitress 'lover'- Hindustan Times

One of Tiger Woods' lovers has rated him "horrible in bed", it has emerged. Cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs, who claims she had a 31-month fling with the married golf superstar, apparently told fellow contestants on US TV reality show Tool Academy she had also "hooked up" with George Clooney.

04 December at 17:15 · Comment · LikeUnlike ·

Aakanksha Ahsknakaa

den y did she hav a 31 month FLING wid him.. ohhh.. Money!!!

04 December at 18:43 ·

Chaudhry Arpan

Yeah suddenly what Tiger woods do off the park is more imp than his park efforts :D

04 December at 19:08 ·
Nidhi Panwar

who cares...this is bad journalism...i'm gonna take over the world and change such reporting..

05 December at 09:49 ·

Chaudhry Arpan

Yeah Bad reporting and private life intervention made us loose eventually : Tiger woods announced retirement break from golf ....

Sat at 13:17 ·