Sunday, September 06, 2009

Hindi : The Language Killer

Some thackrey n co .. ( or similar people from other similar states) hates Hindi and Hindi speaking state people ... And even I support him for the former and for me Later doesn't exist ... Reason: There is no Hindi speaking state in India for that matter . From Rajasthan to Haryana to UP to MP to Bihar , each of these so called Hindi speaking states have their own languages ... An old proverb says "In India language and culture changes every 100 miles". Even Gujarati spoken in Southern Gujarat and North-West Gujarat are miles different .The language of Rajasthan is Rajasthani, Marwari, Shekhawati ,etc., that of Haryana is Haryanvi and Bangaru , that of MP is Bundeli, Malwi, Chattisgarhi, that of UP is Khadi Boli , Awadhi, Urdu , Brajbhasha and Bhojpuri and of Bihar is Maithili, Bhojpuri, etc .These languages are not just localized but are spoken trans India border into Pakistan as well . But as political chicanery , This Artificial mixture language "Hindi" has been imposed on these states.
India was never a nation before 1947 and each of these states had their own culture and languages . Pre Independence , there were many British scholars who use to consider these so called dialects as independent language like
E JOSEPH to Haryanavi , George Abraham Grierson for Rajasthani .But after independence these languages couldn't find place in Indian constitution . Script used by Hindi is borrowed from Sanskrit script .Apart from Devnagri , Haryanvi also uses Nagri script , Rajasthani also uses Mahajani and bojhpuri also uses kaithi .They all have their own vast literature written through geners and own folk Music. Haryana folk music called Raagnis which describes great history of bravery in musical form .Similarly Rajasthan folk music is called Maand all sung in their own language
Language study is paramount to understand the culture of a region . Without their cultural and linguistic identity , search for identity came in form of caste .Hence these states have much more prominent caste rigidness as compared to States of south or far east(Like Maharashtra , Bengal, Karnataka , ....) .
Now Hindi is imposed on people who have historically never spoken it . If this Hindi imposition will continue , I have a fear that richness these regional languages will attenuate out with time .
It time that Hindi has to give space to these languages .First step in this direction has to been taken by state governments by introducing these languages as official language and in schools ,colleges and offices so that these languages can officially be part of their culture. Rajasthan Govt has taken a step to buttress Rajasthani by recognizing it as state language . But its still long way to go .....



Anon Emus said...

Sirji... try to distinguish the dialect from language !!!!!
It seems u have confused Dialect with language..... and also......
hindi has never been imposed on other language..... Its normal in a democracy where majority ( maximum Vote getter ) rules...... so Hindi being understood by 40% of the population becomes Language Numero Uno......irrespective of the fact that 60% of us don't speak it as our mother tongue.

Arpan Uber Chaudhry said...

Finally someone with similar views from across the border

hindu blog said...

It's stunning post. I liked it.