Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Karwa chauth

I confess that I get goaded by fatuous questions raised by some feminists or neophytes who questions customs of Karwa chauth ,Bhai Dooj ,Rakhi , ......As if its a fad to impugn old Indian traditions or being a heterodox .At same time they adore the concept of valentine day celebrations .Yeah "West is the Best" is what we live with. About me? I found expression of love in karwa chauth richer than any Valentine Day with love expressed as sacrifice with one`s own volition . Indian customs have legends and myths attached to them , far rich than newly originated V Day celebrations. Today I Don`t wish to pen down more.. Happy Karwa chauth...


Arpan Uber Chaudhry said...

A interesting after discussion on facebook

Rohit Kaliyar
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Rohit Kaliyar
true lovers can just make any day celebration, valentine day, chocolate day, burger day, this day and that day!! Questioning is good for the health and spirit of civilization, if there are problems associated with valentine day then those should be highlighted and if there are questions on karvachauth then even those should be encouraged. I see merit in some of the arguments advanced by those in opposition of some of the aspects related to this day, for example mythological stories and use of fear in convincing women to undertake this fast. Swami Dayanand in his satyarth Prakash praised Jaats for rejecting such puranic and brahmanical nonsense, there were elements of modernity worth admiring in Jaats once upon a time :-)
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Chaudhry Arpan
Jaats may have shunned fasting under influence of Arya Samaj or Sikhism but still fasting has been integral part of major philosophies be it Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism.. and fasting once in long has medical gains too ..But I am more for free will of person.. If someone wishes to take fast with sentiments of love , I will give it respect. I see unmarried girls fasting for their bf and even celebs .That's not out of some pressure but sentiments .I enjoy these festivals, as long as they bring people together and strengthen relationships.And Karwa chauth is not Sati.Are we getting over critical of our past culture?
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Rohit Kaliyar
being critical is another noble aspect of our past culture, the very spirit of critical examination and declaration of fallibility of even vedas run through our spiritual tradition. These myths associated with such festivals have done incalculable harm, in ways not easily perceptible, across all the religions you mentioned in your comment. Be it sacrifice of animals in the name of some past legend/myth or suppression/oppression of those who were non-believers in such legends/myths. Onus on women to do the calling in this particular case is clear evidence of gender bias, moreover myths feeded to vulnerable psyche is doing worse in subtle way. Creation of ideal of submissive wife and mysterious always angry and revengeful God are common features in all these mythological stories. The way you look at this day is good but majority here is not motivated by the reasons mentioned by you while undertaking this fast :-)
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Rohit Kaliyar
P.S. good to have one more day for celebration in any case :-)
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Chaudhry Arpan
True that recondite Hinduism professed today was molded by brahamins over the years but in retrospect i am trying to investigate between tine line of repression and amity festivals like Karwa chauth , Rakhi can offer ..Maybe having lived in brahaminical way of Hinduism for so long, I still have soft corner for it. But looking at the binding force ... these festivals "can" provide for relationships is commendable .Again as said I am more for free will and those husband who reciprocate fasting in deference are also good example to extract from for future
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Rohit Kaliyar
I agree with your last comment on the subject, these festivals are significant for the role they play in bringing hearts closer and that is indeed commendable :-)

akanksha said...

Its jst out of emotions that ppl celebrate these festivals these days....Also ppl find it a way to get close to their rituals/traditions/culture at least on these days....They also find it a way when they want their children to indirectly & directly get connected to their family/social values/our rich heritage.....So all in all...Its nice that we have a rich culture to cherish.....& its not wrng to carry them in any manner youngsters/ppl want to.....what matters is there lay emotions behind evrything.......n personally i believe both in karwa chauth & valentine's day..this way I would get few more days to share joy with my love :)

Arpan Uber Chaudhry said...

Guess If I will ask 100 girls to comment on it , Invariably 100 will write same comments :D

D. said...

well written blog....

Anonymous said...

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sejswhirlpool said...

well, I dont support any of the ones you said.. neither karvachauth types indian traditions that are just thrown on the girl nor valentines day! I dont celebrate any of them. Now what would you say to me? Find my views on karva chauth here-

Btw, you are missing one more thing.. girls are not forced by elders or anyone to celebrate V-day, but they are for karvachauth! Traditions should never become compulsions. What might have been going on for ages is no reason to continue it blindly, just because they become traditions!.. else we would've continued human slavery too!