Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wake up Pakistan

Disclaimer : I have tried to pen this article in most secular way keeping nationalist views at bay . But few biased views may creep in .


In current scenario , Pakistan could well earn a sobriquet of "Land of Conspiracy Theorists" . People of Pakistan are in state of both confusion and frustration from political affairs .And that makes a perfect breeding grounds for conspiracy theories to prosper . And mix to it - Patriotism ,True Islamic interpretations,Race Awakening , Muslim Identity ..... You can have even educated mass falling into gullible traps .
List starts with Ahmed Quraishi , Musharraf-sympathizing, democracy-hating, journalist whose own website referred to him as the Master of Immaculate Deception. Less said , better...ok Watch out his web page
Followed by Shireen Mazari , once described by the late Kahlid Hasan as Pakistan`s Ann Coulter now working as the Spokes person on Foreign Affairs of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf political party , headed by famous Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan . She has also earned name of he “Lady Taliban” of Pakistani journalism .
Another famous conspiracy theorist is Moin Ansari who seems to have a sex fetish in his writings. Mostly writing on "Sex Antics of Mohandas Gandhi" , sex life of Indira Gandhi and even not sparing Bilawal Bhutto .
But the biggest name missing from this list is Dan Brown of Pakistan , Zaid Hamid a self-styled Pakistani security consultant and defense analyst . He profess to his followers that all countries have one sole motto in life - "To destroy Pakistan and Islam" . He can find a praise as good vocal speaker but every time the way he mixes facts and fiction to prove that lobby of Jew , Hindus and Christan's Zionists are responsible for Pakistan`s precarious situation and all intelligence agencies CIA, RAW, MOSSAD, MI5 are conspiring against Pakistan is both bewildering and disgusting. My first impression was just "Alice in Wonderland" but the way he spits venom in Pakistani media with Israel and India as targets is alarming to say the least..
After Brasstrack shows ,His major Pakistani media limelight was "Hindu Zionist/Intelligence are behind 26/11 attacks" with Kasab as Amar Singh , agent of RAW" . I was LMAO .. Alice , You did it again after that chatpati 9/11 conspiracy theory . That followed his public speeches -
Wake up Lahore - Lahore University students
Indian Intentions for Pakistan
Kal Tak Debate with Bharat Verma name a few
With his rhetoric, He is gaining fast popularity in Pakistan . After all religion is opium of masses .Throughout history there has been lot of bloodshed in quest to prove superior God . And add nationalism , perfect recipe is ready to dope the masses. Lets accept ,Pakistan is battling with problems .Not just political turmoil even inflation , poverty , unemployment ,load shedding and other infrastructure lacks , security ... With all government ineptitude , in desperation of alternatives ,people are taking his bait . I am sure more than Iqbal , he would have studied Adolf Hitler .Mind you ,Hitler's party achieved a higher level of credibility amongst the German public by putting some of their rhetoric into action. Mr Hamid is on same path. Little knowledge is dangerous thing. Zaid Hamid`s guile works perfectly on above principle. Fabrication of facts(hiding counter arguments) provide easy answers in front of semi hypnotized people. Conspiracy theory are like to determine what happened, and then throw out all the data that doesn't fit their conclusion, and then hail their findings as the only possible conclusion . Despite the invalidity of these theses, they have staying power because they offer no proof, and hence they cannot be disproved, especially if they are the product of a paranoid imagination. Common to most of these conspiracy theories is 'de-individualization', which is lumping people into impersonal groups and taking their humanity away from them.
Zaid invariably speaks about Indian problem and hence partition of India .My argument is why is he so concerned about India? Why Indian obsession ? What about Pakistan? Should I talk about NW frontier, Baluchistan ,Punjabi-Mujjahir , Shia-Sunni issues?? Hamid grow up now, analyze Pakistan’s problem and try and solve them. India doesn't wanna Lahore , Karachi or peshawar. India is global player looking to be next economic superpower . But just for reason that we share common border ,stable Pakistan is in India`s interest too.
"We ruled India for 1000 years , spain for 800 years" so Indians and world have inferiority complex. Guess making a comment on this will be nonsecular but simple answer is Hinduism as world`s oldest philosophy spread to all countries of Asia and beyond including Arab , China , Malaysia .So should we conclude ,Hindus ruled the Islamic world for multiples of 1000 years? Guess that would be Himid class rhetoric from my side ... And I am better sane here . On other hand does hamid suffer from complex when vows to take avenge of 1971 war by breaking India .Talking about wars heroics and national pride always incite the mob .Without going into altercations for who had upper hand in 1965, 1971 ,... My assertion is current generation born after 1971 have not witnessed the animosity times of 1971 . Most of the new generation has moved on to sanity. Trying to keep past alive with spice of Ghazwa-tul-Hind will only take you 30-40 year back living frustrated in animosity... Pakistanis must decide whether they want to be part of the real world or continue to enjoy the circus of rumors, almost always unfounded or subsequently dis proven, that the conspiracy theory brigade has set up .Time to Wake up Pakistan.....
I Welcome Pakistani Patriot barrage .... Ahhh forget me ,I am an Hindu-Indian . Mr Nadeem F Paracha , do you have any listener Left?

P.s. Zaid says "Humari (Pakistani) sakale(looks) bhi inse(Indians) muklalif (different) hai : Zaid initially claimed Kasab as Indian Sikh , only to change his words later..

Here is video when he says Pakistan launched Operation Glibitar in 1935 . Pakistan became independent in 1947 .. Oh you Mossad , RAW , CIA agent don't try to change our history now


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Your characterization of my writings is untrue, inaccurate and just plain wrong.

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