Monday, September 06, 2010

Kashmir Valley in United States of Hindustan

Few days back I saw a Note by Kashmiri on present situation . I was among the first to comment. Followed a series of discussion .. Then I presented my 10 point consolidated view (During a boring 20 mins call with Canada Client in Office ) .. I thought to publish my comment to that Note tonight as I think its also apt as my "Open letter to Kashmiris and Government of India"

( 1. My views are Pro Government of India . Thought I have tried to understand other point of View also.. I am talking straight Politics with hardly any room for emotions
2. It was my reply to chain of discussion so I may have made some references to above comments . Please visit the note for those comments
3. I will publish text of this Note as first comment to this Post , Its better if you go through the note note first so that you could get relevance of what I am speaking on )

First link to his Note

"I got some interesting views above ... But I have few discussion points which I would like Pranjal , Nirjhar , Gowhar to answer..

1. As rightly said by someone above.. Every citizen is slave of government it elects . And similarly , Kashmir is also controlled by Govt in Delhi and
their own elected Govt of Kashmir . Thats how it is true for every state of India.. Though Kashmir enjoys more autonomy . Democracy is election of your masters (by majority) .So Kashmir is no different slave of Government of India than any other state of India .

2. Concept of India as Nation never existed before 20th century . We had so many kingdom and regions in Punjab , Bengal , Sindh , Balochistan , Kashmir , Hyderabad , Mysore ,......And fact is we still all are all different . Like me a Jatt - We are not like Biharis , Bengalis , Kashmiris , Nagaland , Tamil , Telgu , Gujarati , Marathi . But again we preserve our own identity under flag of nation India . And thats basic essence for survival of country which is more diverse than even whole of europe. There is cry from some in Nagaland , Punjab(Khalistan) , Assam , Manipur , Tamil Nadu for seperation . Even Maoists want self rule .. So Should we divide Indian Into 50 countries?

3. Kashmir wants separation , Tomm even people like me will demand a separate homeland for Jatts in Haryana or Punjab or rajasthan because government of India is insensitive to our cultural Identity of Khaps or some other reason.. But again I know we have to work for our cultural autonomy being a part of "United States of India" as I call it..

4. And if someone will argue my previous generation rulers signed annexation to India , Why should I bear for what they have done.. I could even go on and demand separate nationhood for my State , city , or even my home as that would be "My own right to be governed by Me" (As Kashmiri people call their motto of struggle) .. Think about it. When it is about City , house can be overlooked in demands .When its about Nation , State demands can be overlooked for National interests ..

5.Hindu population of Kashmir has decreased even since centuries and it came down from 16% in 1940 to less than 2% now.. Where was Kashmiriyat then ?? I think Kashmiriyat died the day when Kashmiri Pandits were forced to flee and live as refugee outside their home in kashmir . Ethinic cleansing of Non Muslims is indelible blemish on kashmir .. But sad no one talks about it .

6. I agree Armed forced are doing atrocities . Beause there is Nothing black or White in this world . But again I dont think Amry is enjoying away from home.. Its because there is atmosphere of mistrust and terrorism originating from other side of border.. (I hope you will agree here) .
I do feel those Army men who commit crime should be punished by law and I could see that start to happen .. But truth is Army or Police commit crimes everywhere in India. every state. So Kashmir is no hit list state . And crimes are by product of such atmosphere though very condemnable where government of India should look into.
But once peace comes to Kashmir , Army will be reduced and gradually out of cities as we saw that happening in 2007-08.. So lets stop violence and make Kashmir free of Armed Forces.

7. People who are on street are mostly unemployed , or with unsatisfied job, And people will stomach full are here on internet . Again its not not an defence to bullets fired by Armed Forces but you cant match stone for stone in fight as Armed forces will be out numbered . So Lets end this cycle of voilence . Also Armed forces should learn better ways of Mob control .
Also If a 9 year old kid died due to bullet , There opens many questions to who people responsible ? Army , his parents , Mob who put him in front....

8. Lets get realistic .. At any cost . This world second largest Armed Force and 4th biggest economy of World will never give up on Kashmir as stretegic location of Kashmir advocates need to hold it . Kashmir once free will act as bridge between Pakistan and China and against India .. Same reasons why India holds even siachen Glacier and Nepalis get access to Indian Army ans other Jobs.
Which ever political party will ever think of it ,can forget comming to power in life time..
So best way is autonomous Kashmir with its foreign Affairs, Currency , ... under Govt of India Rest under government of Kashmir .
More important is people movement to and from Kashmir to rest of India .. Only then only it can become economically rich and it can believe itself to be part of India.

9. Lets think even if Kashmir becomes free country. What that Independence be worth for??? Such a small valley will always remain a poor country . At least now kashmiri people comes to rest of India to study and earn...
Will Kashmir valley , Such a small country ever be stable sandwich between countries hostile to each other???

10. And at last onus is also on we rest of Indians .. We should also accept Kashmiris with love and feel them that they are part of this a " Combined Multi cultural States of Hindustaan" . And for Kashmiris , Though we know its tough to forget what you have gone through but remember , " You cant change the past but you can create a beautiful one " . I know its much easy said than done.. But ways of love always prevails as success ..

And in last solution to kashmir also lie on successful relations of India and Pakistan. Lets clear the mistrust , Open our hearts , Make borders irrelevant between two countries . Unite both Kashmirs ... When Germans can do it.. We also can!!!! We need to over come this trust deficit and Hate .. History teaches us that it should not govern emotions...

Jai Hind , Jai


Arpan Uber Chaudhry said...

******Original Note Part 1*******

by Muhammad Gowhar on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 10:27pm

I was chatting with a friend of mine from Assam regarding Kashmir. After a brief lull he remarked, “Why don’t you forget everything and move on.” For him and many people in India Kashmir is a problem that needs attention and restoration of peace. Or perhaps a solution, economic or political they themselves don’t know. For them “development” is a panacea for all the problems of Kashmir, dreadful memories included...!!

But for a Kashmiri like me forgetfulness is a dilemma. We don’t want a status quo but we can’t even afford what they call “to move on” and “forget.” Now let me ask you as the people of the country that boasts itself as a largest democracy of world; what should Kashmiris forget. Should they forget the innumerable sacrifices they have rendered? Should a father forget that he shouldered his son to the grave and that the dead aren’t spared even on the way to grave? Should a mother forget his son whom she nourished in her womb? Should a son forget the murder of his father in front of his eyes? Should a wife forget her husband who left never returned again? Should a brother forget the dead body mutilated with countless marks and label that his brother was a ‘terrorist’ or do you expect him to forget the honour of his sister?

I still remember the nocturnal raids when the troopers trampled us in our beds. We were not terrorists, we were children. Least do I forget the slap on my face, for I had done a crime to walk on a footpath. Though the trooper hit my cheek but then it hurt my heart. Now who will expect me to accept that the trooper was actually for my ‘security’? I won’t even if GOI sends prophets to convenience me. Kashmiris are proud of their nationality and perhaps it is their biggest sin. Every time a trooper gazes at Kashmiri woman my blood boils and I guess even I am not terrorist now...

I remember the countless dead bodies I have seen in my childhood. The pogrom still continues, unabated. Childhood in Kashmir is not normal. I never played with toys like you. We played with plastic guns that were manufactured in your industries. We were not allowed to move outside for nobody knew which bullet had whose name written on it. The memories have itched their mark on my mind. How can I forget the long curfew days when I waited for my father and uncles to return, the hunger, the thirst and the agony to stand to get our houses checked as we were criminals? You must have seen your mother yearning for you to grow into adults. I have seen my mother praying if only we could remain children, for she feared the inevitable.

Arpan Uber Chaudhry said...

*********Part 2**********

When I think of my childhood I find nothing has changed since then, the tussle is on. Kashmiris even then and now have been pushed to the wall. India has always poked the barrel in our chests with a smiling face. The only difference between now and then are the means of resistance. Then it was gun now it protests and stones. And for people like me who can’t even pelt stones minting words is an easiest option.

A stone as my brother once wrote “is not hot like a bullet. It is cold and yet it does not pierce a body. It does not kill a soul.” Kashmiris were always peace loving. Our land is tranquil, serene and blessed. Gun could not survive for more than ten years despite that fact that we have been enslaved for almost 200 years. We still don’t intend to kill and yet we don’t fear getting killed. For an oppressor can kill a man it can’t kill a revolution. It can cage the body you can’t cage the soul. It can wipe a generation and yet it can’t wipe the minds.

This year or many years before this, any of our children would have attended fewer classes than what your children would have actually missed. You may not be directly shooting bullets on seven year olds, but then you pay every penny for a murder in Kashmir. Small it may be but you share a contribution in spilling every drop of blood. I can’t forget the face of seven year old who was hit by a bullet. I don’t know whose money came into act but surely it was from one of you. Most of you even must not still know who he was and why he died. For most of you the story boils to just one line “Kashmir is an integral part of India” how it has managed that doesn’t matter or if at all it does then your existence as an ‘Indian subdues your conscience as a human.’

Our fight is not only a fight for inalienable rights; it is what a veteran Journalist of Kashmir calls “fight against forgetfulness”. I told my friend and so do I to every Indian ‘forgetting will amount to a sin. Leave us to our fate, time is the best healer and we have a big heart we will not forget perhaps we may forgive...!!

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